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Christer Björkman chasing Petra Marklund for Melodifestivalen?

This Tuesday, SVT will tell the world which 28 acts are going to take part in Melodifestivalen. The last couple of spots in the contest are still up for grabs, as Christer Björkman seems to be chasing a few artists he really wants to see taking part. One of those reportedly is September singer Petra Marklund.

The ‘last minute’ spot

It’s not unusual for the SVT producers to wait as long as they possibly can to confirm their Melodifestivalen list, even internally. Back in 2017, Björkman was hoping he could convince Loreen of a comeback to Melodifestivalen. He eventually succeeded, but only got the final ‘yes’ on the night before the press conference. Thankfully, he reserved a spot for her. Had she said no, he would also have had a back up option ready to take part.

That same scenario seems to be happening this year. At the top of Christer Björkman’s list, the name of Petra Marklund appears. The now 34 year old singer has had international success under her stage name September. In 2006 and 2007, she scored hits with “Cry For You” and “Can’t Get Over”. In Sweden, she scored a major hit with “Händerna Mot Himlen” back in 2012, but under her own name. Ever since that local success, Björkman has been hoping to convince her to enter Melodifestivalen.

The name issue immediately brings us to one of Petra’s considerations before entering Melodifestivalen. According to Aftonbladet, a source close to the singer says Petra would be in doubt over her name upon entering Melodifestivalen. She’s led to believe that she could make more of an international impact with the name September, but Swedes might have more of a connection with the name Petra Marklund.

Magnus Carlsson in the waiting room?

If Björkman is keeping a spot open for Petra Marklund, that means another artist could be left in the cold if she decides to enter the competition. That name could potentially be Magnus Carlsson.

In previous reports, Carlsson was mentioned as one of the acts potentially entering Melodifestivalen next year. The new report however suggests that he has not yet heard whether he’ll get to enter or not. Linking back to the Petra Marklund story, that might mean Magnus Carlsson is the back up option in case Marklund decides not to enter the Swedish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

The list is getting more and more complete at the moment. Aftonbladet have managed to compose a list consisting of over twenty names that are set for Melodifestivalen 2019. The only two doubts on their list are the aforementioned Petra Marklund and Magnus Carlsson.

Only yesterday, it was reported that former Eurovision entrant Anna Bergendahl and Polish star Margaret would enter next year. In previous reports, we also heard the name of Alcazar singer Lina Hedlund and joik singer Jon Henrik Fjällgren. For the latter, it was still the question who had composed his entry for Melodifestivalen 2019. That composer now seems to be Fredrik Kempe.

The full list of potential Melodifestivalen 2019 entrants, according to Aftonbladet is:

  • The Lovers of Valdaro (winners of P4 Nästa’s talent hunt)
  • Oscar Enestad
  • Arvingarna
  • Wiktoria
  • Nano
  • Jan Malmsjö
  • Anton Hagman
  • Vlad Reiser
  • Bishara Morad
  • Ann-Louise Hanson
  • Jon Henrik Fjällgren (song composed by Fredrik Kempe)
  • Lina Hedlund (song composed by Dotter)
  • Hanna Ferm
  • Dolly Style
  • John Lundvik
  • Anna Bergendahl
  • Rebecka Karlsson
  • Margaret
  • Liamoo
  • Martin Stenmarck
  • Petra Marklund
  • Magnus Carlsson

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