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Poland’s Roksana Węgiel wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

The winner of the sixteenth Junior Eurovision Song Contest is known! Poland have won the contest for the first time. Their act was Roksana
Węgiel with the song “Anyone I Want To Be”.

Australia with the juries, Poland online

Poland won the contest ahead of France and Australia, who finished in second and third place. French entrant Angélina scored extremely well with the online voting, where they finished in second place. Poland ended with 215 points, France on 203. Jury winners Australia managed to score 201 points.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place in Minsk, Belarus this year. Poland went into the show as one of the outsiders for victory. Other favourites included runners-up France and debuting nation Kazakhstan, who scored a top ten placing on their first ever Eurovision adventure. The other debutant, Wales, was less lucky as they finished last.

It’s the eighth time Poland have managed to win a Eurovision related contest. They previously won Eurovision Young Musicians and Eurovision Young Dancers both three times. They also managed to win Eurovision Dance Contest in 2008.

Below you can find the full scoreboard of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest:

  1. Poland: Roksana Węgiel – Anyone I Want To Be (215 points)
  2. France: Angélina – Jamais Sans Toi (203 points)
  3. Australia: Jael – Champion (201 points)
  4. Ukraine: Darina Krasnovetska – Say Love (182 points)
  5. Malta: Ela – Marchin’On (181 points)
  6. Kazakhstan: Daneliya Tuleshova – Ózińe Sen (171 points)
  7. Italy: Melissa & Marco – What Is Love? (151 points)
  8. Georgia: Tamar Edilashvili – Your Voice (144 points)
  9. Armenia: L.E.V.O.N. – L.E.V.O.N. (125 points)
  10. Russia: Anna Filipchuk – Unbreakable (122 points)
  11. Belarus: Daniel Yastremski – Time (114 points)
  12. FYR Macedonia: Marija Spasovska – Doma (99 points)
  13. The Netherlands: Max & Anne – Samen (91 points)
  14. Israel: Noam Dadon – Children Like These (81 points)
  15. Ireland: Taylor Hynes – IOU (48 points)
  16. Azerbaijan: Fidan Huseynova – I Wanna Be Like You (47 points)
  17. Albania: Efi Gjika – Barbie (44 points)
  18. Portugal: Rita Laranjeira – Gosto de Tudo (42 points)
  19. Serbia: Bojana Radovanovic – Svet (30 points)
  20. Wales: Manw – Perta (29 points)

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