Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 47

This week we welcome two more Eurovision babies, while enjoying some French wisdom and hearing a couple of familiar Eurovision faces. And there’s an Alma tidbit as well! That’s not all, of course, but we need to start somewhere! Oh, btw; I’m sorry to have kept you waiting until Monday for your weekly dose of tidbits from across the Euroverse. I’ve been traveling and sleeping…but here they are!

A French Fountain of Wisdom

Natasha St-Pier represented France at Eurovision in 2001, and already back then she shared some pearls of wisdom in her song “Ja n’ai que mon âme”. On her Instagram she shares quite a few inspirational quotes in French. I have however decided to share a couple of her English nuggets of wisdome, just to make sure everybody will understand. 


She’ll feed him her love (Sorry; I just had to!) 

Margaret Berger, who announced back in XXX that she was expecting her first child, has given birth to the most adorable little baby boy! According to her Instagram post it was a rather difficult birth, and after 12 hours in labor, the family’s new boss came into the world by cesarean section. Margaret also shared that his name is Sander August, and both Margaret and boyfriend Glenn are of course both happy and proud! We send wishes of much happiness to both parents and baby! 

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