An Xtra Happy Birthday; Week 48!

Its time for happy birthday week. Last week only fifteen Eurovision people celebrated their birthday. This week however, they are twenty-five who are getting one year older. One of them is Émilie Satt, who sang into our heart this year in Lisbon.

November 26th

Today we have five Eurovision Artist that celebrate their birthday. One of them was victorious at Eurovision on the behalf of United Kingdom. But the others also did quite well and finished in 8-12th place at the Contest.

Greetje Kauffeld, 79

The Netherlands picked Greetje in 1961 to go on their behalf to Cannes, France. That is why she sang “Wat een dag” at the stage. She made it to 10th place.

Pfuri Baldenweg, 72

Pfuri was a part of a trio Pfuri Gorps & Kniri. Which joined forces, in 1979, with the Eurovision trio Peter, Sue and Marc. And therefore represented Switzerland with the song “Trödler und Co”. Like Greetje, Pfuri also placed in 10th place.

Martin Lee, 69

In 1976 United kingdom selected the famous band “Brotherhood of Man” to represent them at Eurovision in The Hague, Netherlands. They sang the song “Save Your Kisses for Me”, which got 164 points at the show. Thereby they won the Contest! They are still active as a group today. Martin performed with three other artists; Sandra Stevens, Nicky Stevens and Lee Sheriden.

Ludwig Galea, 41

Ludwig represented Malta at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul. He did so as half of the duo Julie & Ludwig, performing the song “On Again, Off Again”. In the semi-final, the firts of its kind in Eurovision, they finished 8th, thus qualifying for the final. There they finished 12th out of 24 contestants. Julie & Ludwig also tried their luck in Malta Song for Europe 2003, with the song “My Number One“, but they had to wait another year before winning the right to represent their country.

Michał Szpak, 28

Michał Szpak represented Poland at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. There he performed the beautiful ballad “Color of Your Life”. His performance in the semi-final secured a 6th place, thus he qualified for the grand final. In the finale he delivered a flawless performance, giving him a third place among the viewers, and an 8th place in total.

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