An Xtra Happy Birthday; Week 48!

November 30th

This day we have four Birthdays. Three of their songs are slightly on the political side and letting people live in peace. While the fourth song showcases a dress with inhabitants that seem to live in harmony.

Danny Sanderson, 68

The band Kaveret was selected to be Israels act for Eurovision in 1974. Danny is one of the members and therefore performed “Natati la khayay” at Eurovision. They placed 7th out of 17 acts.

Linda Wagenmakers,  43

Netherlands selected Linda in 2000, that means she got to perform on the Eurovision stage in Stockholm, Sweden. She started with huge black and white outfit which then was taken off showing all silvery and glittery outfit matching the song “No Goodbyes”. The song ended up in 13th place at the final.

Émilie Satt, 34

The vocalist of the duo, Madame Monsieur, Émilie Satt took part at Eurovsion in 2018. Where she performed the emotional song “Mercy”, with a story that touched many people. The song was a strong contender at the competition in Lisbon and ended lower the expected. That is in 13th place at the final. However the song received the Marcel Bezençon Press Award. They were also the runner-up of the OGAE fan vote.

Boogie, 32

Hungary chose Boglárka Csemer, or Boogie, an Hungarian pop artist to reprecent them at Eurovision in 2015. That is why she went on stage in Vienna, Austria. She performed the song “Wars For Nothing” at the first semi final. Like the two other birthday people of the day, she also made it to the final. At the final the act got 19 points, therefore reached 20th place out of 27.

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Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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