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Armenia to reveal artist on November 30th

Today the national broadcaster of Armenia, AMPTV, announced that they would reveal the name of their performer for Eurovision 2019 on Friday November 30th. The Armenian artist reveal will occur at 22:20 local time, which is at 19:20 CEST. This will be the first Eurovision artist to be revealed for the contest that is taking place next May in Tel Aviv.

Internal selection

The Armenian artist for 2019 will be an internal selection by broadcaster AMTRV. This is a departure from the previous two years. Then, the competition Depi Evratsil functioned as the selection process. There is no word on the song reveal yet. The announcement of the country’s artist will occur on Friday evening. This will be on the television show ‘Good Evening’, co-hosted by former Eurovision entrant Aram MP3.

David Tserunyan is the current head of the Armenian delegation to Eurovision

Prospective Armenian artist to carry the country’s hopes

Armenia has never won the Eurovision Song Contest before, with their previous best result being 4th in both 2008 and 2014. They are used to great performances in the Eurovision Song Contest. Because of this they have been enthusiastic participants every year since they debuted in 2004, with the exception of a withdrawal in 2012.

Last year they recorded their worst ever result with Sevak Khanagyan’s ‘Qami’. Therefore, this change in tactic may be a sign that the broadcaster wishes to get Eurovision right and return to Armenia being competitive again. An incredibly early Armenian artist reveal is one way to stake their claim and get the buzz going. 

Are you excited for the first artist reveal of Eurovision 2019? Who do you think it might be? Any chance of Armenia showing us a familiar face, and are you excited for that? Or are you more excited about the possibility of a new Eurovision artist to add to the canon? Let us know, below and on our social media.

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