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Will Kazakhstan be part of Eurovision 2019 as a special guest?

Just last weekend Kazakhstan debuted in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk. Daneliya achieved a successful sixth place in their first competition and got lots of fan love. The EBU stated, that Kazakhstan won’t send an entry to Eurovision 2019. However, there could be another way they could be part of the show in Tel Aviv!

Kazakhstan to appear as guest in Eurovision 2019?

Kazakhstan needs to become a full member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in order to participate in Eurovision. So far, they are an associate member of EBU.

“For many years now, Khabar has been part of the EBU. But our first task is for us to become full members of the union so that we have the right to vote. When we become that, it will be easier. We work in this direction almost daily. There were big talks between the Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev and the EBU management team. Negotiations are not ending, we continue to work. Yesterday after Eurovision we had a meetings with them. I think they will come here to Kazakhstan, Astana, Almaty Negotiations will continue. Then, probably, there will be some decision later, “said Azhibayev, chairman of the board of “Khabar Agency”.

According to Alan Ajibaev, Kazakhstan has a chance to get to Eurovision-2019, except perhaps as a special guest, but this is also decided within the framework of the EBU. For example Australia. They first got invited as a special guest to perform in the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. After this went very successful, they got invited to join the contest in 2015. Kazakhstan could go a similar way. First, perform as a guest act in 2019 and afterwards become a full member of the EBU.

According to Azhibayev, Kazakhstan also applied to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. After their JESC debut this year, they seem very motivated for more and we’re sure, that the JESC 2018 was only the beginning for Kazakhstan.

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Kazakhstan was represented by Daneliya Tuleshova in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest and achieved a successful sixth place in the competition.

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