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Tamta confirms ESC interest, but says she hasn’t heard the song

Details for national finals are revealed or teased and rumoured acts/songs are spreading like fire! Cyprus is no different, with popular singer Tamta confirming that she is interested in competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. 

OGAE Greece have recently revealed to EscBubble that Tamta, an incredibly popular Georgian-Greek singer, has confirmed that her record label have been approached by Cypriot broadcaster RIK. 

The fan club explain that on the TV show ‘Έλαχαμογέλα’, Tamta stated that the Cypriot broadcaster RIK have approached her record company, Minos-EMI. You may recognise the name of this label – the same as Sakis Rouvas, Ivi Adamou and Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou! Tamta has denied that she has listened or even recorded any song that is being considered for Tel Aviv 2019. 

Furthermore, OGAE Greece have been in contact with RIK. They have confirmed their contact not only with Minos-EMI but also with other record companies. The Cypriot public broadcaster have made no comment regarding the rumours that potential acts have, or have not, listened to any songs. 

Tamta dares to dream?

In a recent statement, Tamta goes even further – suggesting though she would love to go to Eurovision. However, could her comments imply she has been contacted by the Georgian broadcaster in previous years? See for yourself:

RIK has actually approached Minos-EMI, my record company, and I know that among other candidates they mentioned my name. My opinion, is the same like the other years: I want to listen to a good song, to like it and then I would be grateful and proud. It will be an honour to represent either Cyprus, Georgia or Greece. One country I grew up in, the other supported me, they gave me a lot of things all of them. But from Greece, no, there has not been a proposal for Eurovision.

Tamta, 24/11/18

However, this would not be the first time Tamta’s name has been thrown into the fray. Her name has regularly popped up over the years, following her initial attempt in 2007 to represent Greece. Her rousing ethno-ballad ‘With Love’ came third in the Greek national final. 

However, Tamta is more recently known for uptempo tracks with a strong visual appeal. She has appeared on the X Factor in both Greece and Georgia respectively as a judge, so is clearly a force to be reckoned with!  

Would you like Tamta to represent Cyprus? Can she emulate or improve on second place in Lisbon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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