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Kazakhstan producer unhappy with Junior Eurovision result

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest just finished nearly a week ago, with Poland winning the trophy. Since then, Jean Mukanov (Eurovision producer for Kazakhstan) has commented on their debut participation in Minsk.

“I personally think we should have been in the Top Three”

According to Tengri News, Jean has expressed his opinions about the result -on Instagram, questioning whether there is a political motive for this:

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all Kazakhstanis. Thanks to your voices, your hearts, and love for Daneliya and for the country as a whole, we entered the top seven.

Although, I personally think we should have been in the top three. Is there a political motive for this? I don’t, of course, want to believe that children play these games.”

Jean Mukanov of Daneliya’s result in Minsk

Despite questioning the result that Kazakhstan achieved in Minsk, Jean also thanked the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Minister Dauren Abaev and the Khabar Agency for their full support.

Kazakhstan in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Kazakhstan will be making their debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Daneliya Tuleshova was selected to represent Kazakhstan in Minsk with her song “Òzińe Sen” (Seize the Time). 

In the lead up to the contest, Kazakhstan was anticipated to do very well in the competition. Ahead of the contest, they even topped our ESC Editor’s top 10 favourites list, gaining six 12-point scores. However, she managed to finish sixth place overall with 68 points from the jury and 103 points from the online fan vote.

Do you agree with the Kazakh producers opinion? Or do you feel that Kazakhstan got the right result in their Junior Eurovision Song Contest debut?

Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA!

Daneliya performing Kazakhstan’s debut entry in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Tim Jumawan

I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.

Comments on Kazakhstan producer unhappy with Junior Eurovision result

  • Ellie White

    Careful Kazakhstan, your UK is showing

  • Thorsten from somewhere

    1. Yes Kazakhstan (Daneliya Tuleshova) was underrated a little bit …..but same with some others (like Serbia, F.Y.R. Macedonia) ….
    2. To score 6th in a debut is very very very good – so Kazakhstan could be proud
    3. Questioning the result after the JESC is a very bad behavior ….so Kazakhstan better don’t do this ….if you want to get to ESC
    4. If the EBU / Israel agrees …..I (if I’m in charge in Kazakhstan) would send Dimash feat Daneliya Tuleshova as guest-singers to Tel Aviv (like Australia did in 2014)
    because so many people want to see these 2 sing together ….and you have plenty of time to find a good song.

  • Tessy

    I think 6th is good but everybody who enters Eurovision should know that politics always plays a huge part in jury decisions. Plus most of the time you cannot be jury and public favourtie because somehow juries always go for songs that are just vocal in JESC and are safe radio songs. Glad that the public didnt think so for Australia and Malta(overrated). And I do believe that if it wasn’t for how low juries placed her, she could have gone in the top 3.

  • Jeff

    There might be some politics involved, always has been. But in my humble opinion, Daneliya’s song was too good for JESC, too mature, too intricate. She’d fair better at ESC. And it is absolutely ridiculous that the EBU allows voting for your own country in on line voting. Talk about politics, demographics, and inordinate voting!!!

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