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Thirty A Dal entrants to be announced on Monday

The national final season is really starting to come closer, it seems. In a month full of announcements and reveals, Hungarian broadcaster MTVA have planned a press conference this Monday. They will then reveal the thirty entrants taking part in A Dal 2019. The time for the press conference is 11:00 CET.

New logo, new identity?

Along with the announcement of the press conference, MTVA revealed a new logo for the 2019 edition of A Dal. The old logo, with white letters on a purple background, had been in place since the contest’s first edition back in 2012. The new logo represents a play button, with golden letters on a blue background.

After viewing figures for A Dal were down considerably last year, Hungary’s broadcaster has decided to completely rebrand the national final for next year. Whether that will also count for the artists taking part, we’ll see tomorrow.

Thirty acts, one ticket

A Dal has been a national final with an immense variety in songs and artists for many years. From the ethnic “Origo” in 2017 to AWS delivering their metal tune in Lisbon, the Hungarians always seem to pick something that manages to qualify for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

During the time of A Dal, Hungary’s best result in the competition is the fifth place András Kállay-Saunders achieved back in 2014 with “Running”. Rumour has it the singer has once again submitted an entry to A Dal, for the third time since representing Hungary in Copenhagen. He seems to have done so with his new band The Middletonz.

In total, thirty acts will be taking part in A Dal 2019. Those acts had a little over a month to submit their entry to the competition. They will then take part in three quarter finals, which leads up to two semis. As always, the jury will determine a large part of the qualifiers for the next A Dal phases. The jury members will also be announced tomorrow. Last year, Misi Mező, Judit Schell, Károly Freinreisz and Miklós Both served as the A Dal jury members.

A Dal 2018 was won by AWS. They sang “Viszlát Nyár” in Lisbon, finishing in 21st place. In Hungary, they only just made it through to the superfinal. Ranked fourth by two of the jury members, they scraped through. Thankfully for them, the superfinal is always 100% televoting, which meant they took the title with 32% of the votes.

Make sure you tune in to tomorrow morning to find out which thirty acts have made the cute. Who are you hoping to see in A Dal 2019? Let us know!

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