Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 48

Love is still growing, Christmas is getting closer, some people are more colorful than others…and there’s water! 

Still growing and more gorgeous than ever! 

I can’t even promise that this will be the last time, but anyway; here’s another pic of Barei, with her husband and “twin babies”. I have no words that can describe the beauty of this, so I’ll just leave it here. 


Daði Freyr can do no wrong! 

I “outed” myself as a massive Daði Freyr fan back in January last year, when I first heard “Hvað með það?”, and nothing has changed since then. Other, of course, than me loving every single thing he’s done since. And today he released a new song! And what can be better than a new Daði-song? A Daði Christmas song, that’s what! And “Allir dagar eru jólin með þér (Every day is like Christmas with you)” is the cutest, coolest Christmas song I have heard in a long time. What do you think?

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