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Who are the Eesti Laul 2019 artists and songwriters?

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Synne Valtri“I’ll Do It My Way”

Another newcomer to Eesti Laul, but a known artist to most Estonian music lovers (and night club owners), is Synne Valtri. She has been busy covering various Russian hits and most of Verka Serduchka’s discography as part of the hugely successful party band “Patune Pool”. 

The song is written by Sünne Valtri herself (don’t let the Ü terrify you, it will transform into a Y once she actually gets up on stage). While most of her repertoire consists of covers, she is no stranger to writing new lyrics for most of her hits


After being crowned the runner up of this year’s Estonian Idol, there was really only one place for Sissi Nylia Benita AKA Sissi to go next. EESTI LAUL! That last name might give you a hint as to JUST how connected she is to the Eurovision world. Yes, the eurofever runs deep within this family, as her father is none other than Dave Benton, who won the contest back in 2001 with Tanel Padar. 

The song is co-written by Sissi Nylia Benita herself along with
Karl-Ander Reismann (his third and final appearance this year) and a certain “Social Butterfly” named Rasmus Viberg. Melodifestivalen fans might remember him from 2011, when he ended 6th in semi-final one.

Kaia Tamm “Wo Sind Die Katzen”

Kaia Tamm really likes to travel. ESPECIALLY to Germany. She really…really…REALLY likes Germany. And cats. So she wrote a song ABOUT cats IN German and now we all get to hear it. Miau?

Kaia also wrote the song herself, because absolutely nobody else could have come up with something so wonderfully bonkers.

Iseloomad“Kaks miinust”

Because it wouldn’t be Eesti Laul without loving tributes to decades old alternative rock, here comes a newly formed band consisting of Siim Randveer, Lauri Randveer, Vilho Meier and Andres Mikk. Vilho is actually the guitarist for Supernova, the band that performed “Suur loterii” with Ivo linna in 2017, so he is very familiar with the Eesti Laul stage.

The song is written by two of the band members themselves: Vilho Meier and Siim Randveer.

Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk“Parmumäng”

Move over, Meisterjaan, there’s a new mouth harp master in town. And by master, we actually mean someone with a Master’s Degree related to just that instrument. Yes, Cätlin Mägi has kept traditional music alive for over 20 years. And now she brought along a true Eesti Laul veteran: Jaan Pehk AKA Köök AKA Orelipoiss AKA that one guy from Kõrsikud. Together they were previously part of Vaiko Eplik’s band “Claire’s Birthday”. Jaan pehk was ALSO there when the band changed their name to “Ruffus” and represented Estonia in 2003 with “Eighties Coming Back”.

The song is of course written by Cätlin Mägi and Jaan Pehk themselves, both being no strangers to writing songs for their own albums. 

Lumevärv ft INGA“Milline päev”

Lumevärv translates to “Snow color” and…and YEAH! That’s just about everything that we know about this new project. There’s more to talk about the lead singer Inga though. She is best known for being 1/3rd of the singing trio known as La La Ladies. You might remember their entry from Eesti Laul 2016 titled “Unikaalne”.

The songwriting team consists of Margus Piik, Kermo Hert and Jana Hallas, who makes a grand return after writing the lyrics for three of Estonia’s entries in the early-to-mid 2000s: “Once in a Lifetime” in 2000, “Runaway” in 2002 and “Through My Window” in 2006. Margus Piik was also one of the authors behind Ariadne’s 2017 Eesti Laul entry “Feel Me Now”.

Uku Suviste“Pretty Little Liar”

We are back in familiar territory with Uku Suviste. Certainly not a stranger to the Eesti Laul experience, Uku has already participated twice. First in 2011 (when his entry was disqualified for breaking th rules) and then again in 2017 with “Supernatural”. Recently he’s been busy  flirting with  impressing Ani Lorak on the latest season of The Voice (Russia), being one of the six artists selected to be on her team for the upcoming live rounds. 

The song is co-written by Uku Suviste himself along with three other rather international sounding names: Oliver Mazurtshak, Robert Stanley Montes and Ian Karell. One of them at least should be familiar to Eesti Laul viewers, because Ian took part of the contest in 2017 and sang sing-talked his way through “Sounds Like Home”.

Kerli Kivilaan“Cold Love”

Next up is Kerli Kivilaan, who people might remember best as one of the members in Põhja-Tallinn for over three years. She was not there when they participated in 2013, but is making up for it by now going solo. Her sister, Triinu Kivilaan, was actually part of Vanilla Ninja back when Switzerland was busy NOT participating and the group was still hoping to fly the Estonian flag. 

The song is co-written by Kerli Kivilaan herself along with Egert Milder (making his second appearance) and Andres Kõpper. If that last name doesn’t immediately ring any bells, then reminding ourselves of Tenfold Rabbit’s 2012 and 2013 Eesti Laul entries might just do the trick. Andres was the lead vocalist in the band. These days he’s busy directing movies, gaining millions of views on YouTube with his new musical project “NOEP” and a thousand* other things.

*probably an exaggeration. 

Around The Sun“Follow Me Back”

Another band stepping into the spotlight is the indie pop group known as Around The Sun. A completely new name in the world of Eesti Laul, they have nevertheless been active for two years now, making it to the semi-finals of “Noortebänd 2018”.

The band’s lead guitarist and synth player, Daniel Rukovitškin, also co-wrote the song with their frequent collaborator Georg Eessaar.

Lacy Jay“Halleluja”

If you thought Victor Crone had a long flight ahead of him, then  
Lacy Nicole Jones aka Lacy Jay is flying over ALL the way from Dallas, Texas. Yeeeeehaw! Howdy, cowfo…No, I promise to stop doing that. This is actually her first time being involved as the songwriter, having mostly performed cover of worship music up to this point.

As previously mentioned, Lacy Nicole Jones herself co-wrote the song along with Ago Teppand and Hugo Martin Maasikas. Ago was dropping the boogie with Iiris just earlier this year while Hugo (or Whogaux as people know him best) was busy performing “Have You Now” together with Karl-Kristjan and Maian in 2017.

Grete Paia“Kui isegi kaotan”

Also back for her third go around is none other than Grete Paia. She was the hot favourite to win the contest in 2013, but narrowly missed out, finishing second with “Päästke Noored Hinged”. Of course she tried again and reached the final  in 2016 with “Stories Untold”, but didn’t do quite as well.

Shockingly enough, her usual collaborator Sven Lõhmus did NOT write the song! Instead the songwriting team consists of Grete Paia herself along with Mihkel Mattisen, Timo Vendt and Kerli Puusepp. Mihkel and Timo we already saw WAY earlier on our list, but there’s no better way to increase your odds of winning than by competing against yourself with multiple songs (ask Karl-Ander if you don’t believe us). 


Last, but certainly not least, we have Kadi Poll AKA Kadiah. When she is not busy directing music videos, she works as the head of public relations over on another TV network – TV3. She is NOT here as part of some convoluted rival espionage scheme*, but to make her big dream come true after failing to get two of her previous songs through the song submission stage.  

The song is written by Kadi Poll aka Kadiah herself with the help of
Kristjan Ruus and Charlie Kavonius. She previously had a minor hit with the self-written “Sinuga”.

*at least not as far as we know.

Which entry is your favourite? Who are you looking forward to seeing perform the most? Do you think any contestant that show up with a giant ballroom dress will be immediately disqualified?

 Give us your opinion in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA

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