It’s Christmas with Helena Paparizou’s new single “Christougenna Xana”

When the month of December hits, you know it’s time to get Christmas started. Perhaps you’ve already put up your Christmas tree? Or maybe you started playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat? Luckily for all you Christmas fans out there, Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou has a new Christmas single out: “Christougenna Xana”!

First Christmas single

Christmas has always been a remarkable time for Helena Paparizou. The Greek-Swedish singer took part in a tour around Sweden back in 2014, called Julgalan. Six years prior to that, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 had to cancel some concerts when her father suddenly passed away during Christmas. It’s safe to say that Christmas will always be a time of mixed emotions at the Paparizou residence.

In her twenty year career, it’s the first time for Helena Paparizou that she’s released a Christmas single. As we’ve seen with previous singles from her, there are two versions out. One of them is in Greek, obviously aimed at the Greek market, with the title “Christougenna Xana”, which translates as “Christmas Again”. The other version is in English, called “It Is Christmas“. Paparizou has previously done a double release like this with her summer single in 2017, “Haide”. Her previous single was “Kati Skoteino”, which she promoted in an interview where she also hinted at a potential comeback to Eurovision.

Complete with bells, a mistletoe and asking Santa Claus to make her wishes come true, it’s safe to say that Helena Paparizou has delivered a proper Christmas tune – whichever language you prefer!

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