Our #ESC250 votes – Part 2: Vincent, Riccardo & Sami

#6 – 🇫🇷 Isabelle Aubret – La Source (France 1968)

You might not know this song, but you should. Isabelle Aubret competed six years after her victory for France, and finished third with this masterpiece : a poem about the rape and murder of a young woman, written and sung with grace, sensibility, and told like the mix of a tale and of a mythological legend.

#5 – 🇦🇹 Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria 2014)

It’s hard to imagine modern Eurovision without LGBT songs. But most of them are upbeat, funny, happy, literally gay. Conchita brought a serious LGBT song, telling a non-political and non-militant story specific to a very limited demographic, with authenticity, depth (even in the lyrics : “But you’re my flame” doesn’t mean “I love you”, it means “The pain you inflicted me made me grow stronger and become myself”), and a breathtaking performance. She didn’t win because she was a bearded lady, but because she was a bearded lady that meant business.

#4 – 🇫🇷 Frida Boccara – Un jour, un enfant (France 1969)

Not only is this perfectly and effortlessly sung, it is also beautifully written : the story is the tale of a child creating the world, drawing it from a blank page. And I must also say that the live orchestration is magnificent. The competition was strong in 1969, hence a 4-way-tie, but it is my winner.

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