Our #ESC250 votes – Part 2: Vincent, Riccardo & Sami

Riccardo: Ethnic vibes are taking over me!

Picking the top 5 wasn’t hard because I had made it for last year’s meet the team feature. Picking the remaining 5 was tough, however, because so many songs are special to me but these are the 10 that successfully made my cut. As you can see, many songs feature ethnic elements, which is one of the reasons I love Eurovision in the first place. So welcome to my Eurovision red carpet! 

#10 – 🇮🇹 Jalisse- Fiumi di Parole  (Italy 1997)

This song is perhaps an honorary mention here, but it is special to me because it happens to be the first adult song I have learnt as my mother used to listen to it a lot. At the time I was 5 years old and unaware this was related to Eurovision but I consider it as my preamble of my massive Eurovision love. And it is one of the few Italian songs I regularly listen to . 

#9 – 🇷🇴 Ovi and Paula Seling- Playing With Fire  (Romania 2010)

“Girl Girl Girl are you sure” has entered in my daily life vocabulary, no joke. This song has everything I look in a song. Sassy, awesome performers, a fresh show, stunning vocals. Also it has the special title of being my first favourite at Eurovision considering 2010 is the first contest I actually followed! 

#8 – 🇦🇿 Aysel and Arash – Always (Azerbaijan 2009)

So Azerbaijan and I have a turbulent relationship at Eurovision, however, this is my clear, undisputed winner in 2009. I loooove how they play the ethnic component in this entry and the performance did a great job elevating an already excellent song. The instrumental part gives me goosebumps all the time and transports me to a market in Baku. Every time I listen to this song I keep replaying that part. It’s magic to my ears . I hope Azerbaijan delights us with another masterpiece like this one or “When the Music Dies”.

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