Our #ESC250 votes – Part 2: Vincent, Riccardo & Sami

#4 – 🇦🇿 Aysel and Arash – Always (Azerbaijan 2009)

While I love modern, contemporary pop, I also love it when countries put some ethnic elements to their pop bangers. “Always” is so catchy and very well performed. I think Azerbaijan and Greece should go back to sending these kind of songs, like they did in late 2000s. 

#3 – 🇷🇺 Sergey Lazarev – You Are the Only One (Russia 2016)

Probably the best performance in Eurovision history, although I don’t like it that they break the illusion. I already liked the song from the first listen, but seeing it on the stage first time just blew me away. Sergey is amazing artist and “You Are the Only One” is not even one of his best songs. I can’t wait for him to come back with even better song. 

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