An Xtra Happy Birthday; week 49!

December 4th

Today like yesterday there are also three Eurovision birthdays.  Among them is another Eurovision  winner as well. That is, one of them won the contest, back in 2003. 

Marcel Pavel, 59

Romania selected the duo, Marcel and Monica to go on their behalf to Eurovision in 2002. They therefore performed the song “Tell me why” on the stage in Tallinn. The duo did fairly well, that is Romanians best placement at Eurovision until that time. They got 71 points, which gave them the 9th place.

Sertab Erener, 54

In 2003 Turkey selected Sertab to perform at the Eurovision Song in Riga. They made the right decision, because her song “Everyway That I Can” received good support. She recieved 176 points at the final, just two points more than Belgium and three points more than Russia. So it was a close battle for first place! But it was enough to bring the show to Turkey the following year.

Krista Siegfrids,  33

Ten years after Sertab Erener won Eurovision, Finland selected Krista to reprecent them at Eurovision. That is why Krista sang her song “Marry Me” on stage. Her song was also a plea to Finland to legalize same-sex marriage, and the act included a kiss with one of her female dancers. Which caused a bit of a stir, and the Turkish TRT decided not to show her semi-final and the final because of this kiss. As well as broadcasters in China cutting the kiss out of the show.

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