Hind Laroussi finds her way back to music with “Lost”

When she represented The Netherlands in 2008, she didn’t make it through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. After a silence of many years, Hind Laroussi is now back with a new single: “Lost”!

Mysterious crosspop

Hind, who now performs under her surname Laroussi, is known for a genre she came up with herself. Mixing mysterious sounds with both electropop and Arabic influences, the Dutch-Moroccan singer calls her own style crosspop. She even released an album under the title Hind Crosspop a couple of years ago.

In her latest effort, Laroussi definitely looks more towards the direction of pop and electronic sounds. The song has been released as a little birthday present for the singer, who turned 34 on the day of the single release two days ago. The composers behind “Lost” are Davy Nathan, Philip Lawrence and Blush. Lawrence has previously written world famous hits, such as “All I Ask” for Adele’s album 25, with Nathan having written for singers like Jessie J.

Back to Belgrade

Hind represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade. With her self-composed entry “Your Heart Belongs To Me”, she finished in thirteenth place in her semifinal. The past few years, Laroussi has been living in the Los Angeles, California. There, she has worked on reviving her music career, of which “Lost” is the first single.

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