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Sacha Jean-Baptiste to do Cypriot staging in Tel Aviv?

She is well known for producing some of the memorable stagings in recent years. This year, she was in charge of this years ‘Fuego’ which got a lot of Eurovision fans dancing to her choreography. Recent reports are suggesting Sacha Jean-Baptiste will once again be in charge of Cyprus’s staging in Tel Aviv after the success of ‘Fuego’ this year.

“It’s all about the staging”

CyBC has once again posted a ‘teaser on their Facebook page, about their entry to Tel Aviv. This time, they have hinted about the staging that they are going to have in next year’s competition.[0]=68.ARBrIgQqJ9u7NMBqNq6aHMk–67RhV7Y-Ad9ebTah9bXr4hjRDX6Je6p8Fs1jLt8TB0alfUkgVaTaptPojIHN5jjVDZWn_ErLH8SF7ZSm0vj0AxDq88veDCtAJctsJfFUhgnxDj7bhkRkzEmbVX0f2GY7159RR3M0lBxln0TIzn1D7tK4VIzmUJePvgqYnhLIZmWmSK8W-rwqtlWO8-E_XuqXisaUeLu2eNAbl7EfWIxgwtkTpFkKSB-rOfLWzN-uLj3nJfFt5kDqtK70gYX8MheuL6E_bHBcflT96I-unVxgJreSGkTJGtQr_lUje3gkD-m3_t4efK9ReW2ZiU

The preview that CyBC has shown shows Swedish artist Darin, who is well known for being one of the interval acts during the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. In addition to this, he also participated in Melodifestivalen in 2010 with the song ‘You’re Out of My Life‘.

 Darin is seen performing his song ‘Tvillingen’ on Sweden’s ‘Idol’. The main clue to this is, Sacha’s production company, the “Jean-Baptiste Group” undertake choreography work for ‘Idol’ in Sweden. In addition to this, her production company has also worked with some of the biggest Swedish artists such as Zara Larsson and recently with Liamoo and his Melodifestivalen entry ‘Last Breath‘ which placed sixth in the competition this year.

Sacha Jean-Baptiste in the Eurovision Song Contest

‘Fuego’ is not the only staging  Sacha Jean-Baptiste has worked on. This year, she has also worked with the Australian and the Bulgarian delegations with their entries, with all of them managing to qualify for the Grand Final with Bulgaria placing 14th and Australia placing 20th.

In addition to this year’s entries, Sacha has worked at previous Eurovision Song Contests previously, her catalog includes entries from 2017 such as  Kristian Kostov’s ‘Beautiful Mess‘, which placed second and Tamara Gachechiladze’s ‘Keep The Faith‘ which narrowly missed out a place in the Grand Final.

If Sacha Jean-Baptiste is in charge of the staging for Cyprus, do you think she can help give Cyprus their first win? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA

Why not dance along to Sacha’s best performing entry this year!

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