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Tayanna considering third Vidbir participation

Ukrainian singer Tayanna, who has finished twice in two years to represent her nation in the Eurovision Song Contest is considering a third participation in Vidbir. She had previously ruled out another participation, after recently speaking to fans in Lviv things seem less certain. Language seems to be the core issue for Tayanna, who suggests were she make another attempt, it would be a song in Ukrainian, much like her 2018 attempt:

For some reason, our artists are afraid to go on a contest with a Ukrainian-language song. Why are other countries singing in their own language and do not think that someone there may not understand this or somehow do not appreciate it? Perhaps the most important contribution would be to represent Ukraine [at Eurovision] with a song in Ukrainian.


The stats appear to back up elements of Tayanna’s statements. Though Ruslana did win in 2004 with a song that was partially in Ukrainian, Greenjolly came 19th the following year with a similar language combination. That is not to say Ukraine has strayed away from utilising different languages or dialects alongside English such as German and Crimean Tatar. The latter, of course, was part of Jamala’s emotive performance that granted Ukraine’s second win.

This year, Tayanna went uptempo, yet vocally demanding track ‘Leyla’ in Ukrainian. She was previously one of the favourites to win Vidbir 2017 and represent Ukraine on home soil, but lost out to O.Torvald due to a stronger televote.

Vidbir 2019

Next year’s Ukrainian national final, Vidbir, will be split between three shows. Two semi-finals on February 9th and 16th respectively. The final will be the week after on the 23rd. It was just last month that Ukrainian broadcaster revealed Natalia Hordienko as the first candidate for Vidbir 2019 with the song ‘Hrim’. 

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