Ivi Adamou teams up with Stavento to tell us it’s hers on “Dikó Mou”

She was one of the fan favourites for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and now she’s back with a new track. Ivi Adamou has teamed up with Stavento on a single called “Dikó Mou”!

It’s mine!

Ivi Adamou has undergone a bit of a transformation since her participation in Baku. She’s been releasing a decent amount of singles, mostly in her native language Greek. Also in her appearance we see an interesting change, even in the official video. She goes from the long-haired brunette we’ve got used to to a gorgeous blonde with a bob line.

The song itself is a contemporary pop track, where Ivi Adamou’s vocal gets a chance to shine. Stavento joins in to bring us some rap in some parts as well, which makes this an interesting collaboration. But it’s fair to say that Ivi and Stavento are used to hanging out together…

Unsurprising chemnistry

“Dikó Mou” is a song where Ivi Adamou gets help from rapper Michalis Kouinelis. The two work together nicely, but that’s not really a surprise, as they are a couple in real life as well. Michalis and Ivi got together after they recorded a duet together, “San Erthei I Méra”. Just a couple of months ago, in June of this year, Ivi gave birth to their first daughter. 

In the months before Ivi Adamou’s pregnancy, she portrayed the role of Mary Magdalene in the Greek version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Antigoni Psichrami, who took part in the Greek national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, replaced her.

CyBC internally selected Ivi Adamou to represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. From a three song national final, Cyprus chose “La La Love” as their entry, which was written by a team of composers led by Alex Papaconstantinou, who will also compose next year’s entry for Cyprus. Ivi Adamou eventually finished in sixteenth place in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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