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🇹🇷 Turkey set to join Eurovision Asia as TRT aim to rebuild EBU co-operation

After a 7 year absense in the Eurovision Song Contest,  Turkish broadcaster TRT are set to participate in next year’s debut edition of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest.

TRT chief appointed as EBU executive board member

Earlier this week, the EBU announced that a new Executive Board, which would lead the organisation for the next two years, had been assembled.  One of the nine appointed members taking a seat is TRT’s general manager Ibrahim Eren.

Eren was named as TRT’s new general manager last year, with many fans hoping his new position would bring changes to the broadcaster’s long term vision of the contest.  Unfortunately,  hopes were dashed when the general named 2014 winner Conchita as a key reason for the country’s snub, along with disregard of the current voting system.

“We don’t consider rejoining the contest. We have reasons like the voting system. As a public broadcaster, we also cannot broadcast live at 9 p.m. –when children are still awake– someone like the bearded Austrian who wore a skirt, do not believe in genders and says that he is both a man and a woman”

Ibrahim Eren, speaking at the Ibn Khaldun University inAugust

Turkey to participate in first EBU event since their withdrawal 7 years ago

Following the announcement of his new role,  fellow Turkish Eurovision fansite contacted Ibrahim Eren to find out if things had since changed between TRT and the EBU.    In a response received today,  the TRT general confirmed that the country would be participating in the debut edition of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest next year,  in a first step to rebuild relations between the two organisations.

“TRT has confirmed that it will participate in this year’s competition. However, Ibrahim Eren, in all other sectors in 2019. He said he wants to restart cooperation with the EBU.

Based on the strengthening of cooperation, we hope to come back again to Eurovision ” 

Response from TRT General Manager, Ibrahim Eren, to fellow fansite

A return to the main contest may not be too far off either, with the general adding that he hopes to see Turkey back in Eurovision soon.

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