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Original lyrics to Shady Lady revealed by Dimitris Kontopoulos

It’s a classic. Some say “one of Ukraine’s best”. Others say “it was robbed”. “Shady Lady” is widely regarded as an absolute bop and one of the best pop entries of the 2000s. Of course, as with any entry there will always be those that disagree but it is fair to say the majority of Eurovision fans appreciated Ani Lorak’s entry for Ukraine in 2008. Now, for the first time, the co-writer Dimitris Kontopoulos has published the original (and annotated) lyrics for “Shady Lady”.

“Now I’m ready, I’m gonna make you wonder”

Writing a big pop song isn’t an easy process, and even when you think you’ve got it right… there’s always alterations you want to make. As we can see in the original lyrics below, Kontopoulous (and team) made a few changes before recording the final version of the song we know today.

Even Alyona Lanskaya of “Solayoh” fame commented: “History!!! 😱😱” on the post! 

The most fascinating thing about this set of lyrics being published is, of course, the alternate chorus that we can see laid out. Who knew the lyrics were nearly “Slow but steady, I came without a warning, I’ll give you fever now”… that would have been a very different meaning!

“Shady Lady” won its semifinal in 2008, by a comfortable 32 point margin, but in the final, Ukraine was beaten into second place by Dima Bilan and “Believe” for Russia – winning by 42 points. 

What do you think of these original lyrics to “Shady Lady”? Is this one of your favourite entries from Ukraine? Would you like to see Ani Lorak return to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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