Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 49

 Michael’s wonderful year continues! 

He represented Germany at Eurovision, got married, became a father, went on a looooong and very successful tour and released loads of new music, including a Christmas album. He also managed to reach 48 million streams on Spotify! 

And starting on January 23rd he’s off on another month long tour. The concerts are mainly in Germany, but he will also play gigs in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands! Check out the tour dates below! 


Kalomira’s Santa challenge 

Kalomira is a big fan of Christmas; she even released her own Christmas song back in 2016! Her daughter Anastasia doesn’t seem to be too impressed, however. Especially not with the man himself. Santa, that is. She met him for the first time this weekend, and as we can see from the pictures below; it wasn’t exactly a huge success! 

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