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Nikos Ganos hints at Eurovision participation for Greece

Nikos Ganos has spoken about a possible Eurovision Song Contest participation next year in Tel Aviv. In both an interview and on social media, it looks like the Athens born singer has his eyes set on a trip to Tel Aviv.

Meetings, interviews and Instagram

According to EurovisionFun, a Greek website dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest, Nikos Ganos had a meeting with ERT in late November. The Greek broadcaster allegedly wanted to discuss a potential Eurovision participation with the 35 year old. He’s not the only singer who seems to be in discussions with ERT, after Tamta was also spotted at the ERT headquarters. She however seems to be more likely as a representative for Cyprus.

After the meeting, Ganos appeared on OpenTV for an interview. During the segment, he was asked about going to Eurovision, to which he responded positively. Remarkably, he even confirmed that he wouldn’t mind taking part in a national final. National finals with names of importance have been a struggle for ERT, as most well known artists wouldn’t touch a national final with a barge pole. Ganos seems to be an exception, though.

A few days ago, Nikos Ganos dropped another hint on his Instagram account. With the picture of a cat, he then cited the lyrics to Netta’s “Toy”, the latest Eurovision winner.

Who is Nikos Ganos?

Nikos Ganos is a 35 year old singer from Athens. He rose to fame after coming third in Super Idol back in 2004. Ever since, he’s been releasing various singles, both under his own name as well as his stage name Nicko. He also took part in Your Face Sounds Familiar back in 2013.

Pop, R&B and dance are the genres most familiar to Nikos Ganos, especially in the early stages of his career. His biggest hit came during the summer of 2010, when he sang “Last Summer”. Recently, he’s been more focused on Greek language music, releasing “To Krevati”, a cover from an old Nikos Karvelas song.

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