An Xtra Happy Birthday; week 50!

 December 12th

Once again we have three Eurovision singers that have brought us Eurovision memories.

Ulla Wiesner, 77

West Germay selected Ulla, now named Ulla Arnz, to represent them at Eurovision Song Contest in 1965. Therefore she went on stage in Napels, Itlay and performed her song “Paradies, wo bist du?”. At the end of the voting here song got zero points as well as three other entries out of 18.

Douwe Bob, 25

The Netherlands chose Douwe Bob to be their representative at Eurovision in 2016. That is why he went on to the stage in Stockholm. Bob secured a spot at the final with this semi final performance. His song “Slow Down” got total of 153 points which gave it the  11th place. Douwe released a single the year before with another Eurovision performer , Anouk, who is also from The Netherlands. It is called “Hold Me“.

Samo Dervisic, 37

Samo who is a part of the Slovenian string quartet Quartissimo, but they took part at Eurovision in 2009. He plays the violoncello in the band. Their input to Eurovision was “Love Symphony”,  which unfortunately for them failed to make it to the final.

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Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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  • Shai

    Mei Finegold was in Copenhagen, Denmark and not in Malmo,Sweden

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