Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know Israel

Eurovision quiz about this year's hosts, Israel! Come answer some questions about your favourite Israeli entries including Dana International, Netta and Ofra Haza!

We arrive at the current title holders, it’s Israeli quiz time. Israel were the first country not in Europe to join in the fun of Eurovision, being quite culturally close to Europe, and all. They’ve certainly been an interesting presence, with many Israeli entries reflecting Hebrew and Jewish tradition quite effectively, and nearly always retaining the Israeli character. Let’s find out how much you know about their most notable moments in the contest.

With the season kicking into full gear, this will be the last ‘So You Think You Know’ for this Eurovision calendar year. If your country is in the latter half of the alphabet, do not worry, we will not forget you. The series will resume after the final of Eurovision 2019 with Italy. Israel, as this year’s host, is the perfect place to stop.

So, watch out next Wednesday for a new quiz series to replace it during the Eurovision National Final season. Trivia at ESCXtra is preparing for 2019.

How many times have Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest?

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Israel won the contest in 1979, but withdrew in 1980. Why did they withdraw?

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The broadcaster declined to host over money, but they still intended to participate. Until the date lined up with Yom Hazikaron. Morocco only entered after Israel had already withdrew.

Ofra Haza, famous internationally for 'Im'Ninalu', represented Israel in 1983. What English greeting shares its name with the title of her song?

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In Hebrew, 'Hi' means 'alive'.

Which of the following well-known Hebrew words has NOT been used in the title of a Eurovision entry?

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Hallelujah and Amen are well known, Amen in particular is an underrated gem from 1995. Shalom has been used in the title of two Israeli entries. None so far have used Hosanna.

Dana International won the contest when it took place in which British city?

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The last, to-date contest held in the UK. Dana International was, of course, one of the pioneers of Eurovision acceptance, she is transgender, and sings wonderfully, almost like a Diva.

The contest most recently in Jerusalem saw Israel enter as their host entry a band known by what name?

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One of the participants, Eddie Butler, would later sing again for Israel as a solo entry. This host entry was also notable for being the first to feature black Israeli entrants.

Until Netta won this year, in which year did Israel gain their most successful performance in the 21st century?

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Shiri Maimon with 'HaSheket SheNish'ar' (which means 'The Silence That Remains') came 4th, which is a very impressive result.

What languages other than Hebrew and English have Israel used in their songs? Two options are correct.

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2009's 'There Must Be Another Way' includes Arabic, and 2007's 'Push The Button' includes French.

Which Israeli city did Nadav Guedj want to show us in Golden Boy?

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And guess where we are going next year. Yes, also to Tel Aviv!

What part of the following pieces of Japanese pop culture did Netta NOT include in her performance or lyrics of 'Toy'?

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She could have had idealized images of Japanese anime behind her and it might have even fit with the theme. What's close enough is that she did have references to dolls in the lyrics and may have been thinking of Japanese Momoko Dolls, considering how much else there was in the package. Lucky cats were on stage, Pikachu was referenced in the lyrics and she did wear a kimono. For a bonus, the chicken sounds sound fairly close to 'idiot' in Japanese.

Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know... Israel
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