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Jay Aston says UK will never win Eurovision again

Former Eurovision Song Contest winner Jay Aston and current member of The Fizz reveals to national media her thoughts on why the UK will never win again.

Jay Aston makes her mind up on the UK

Despite being a regular viewer of Eurovision, after the skirt-ripping routine, which took Bucks Fizz to the top of the leaderboard in 1981, former member Jay Aston believes the UK will struggle to achieve the past successes again. In a recent interview Jay revealed that although the UK sends good songs, our European neighbours don’t want to vote for them.

I’m not sure we can win again, I think it would be miraculous if the UK could win. We have sent some good things over and we’ve always come in the bottom five.

Jay Aston

However this has not put Jay off wanting to give assistance in the BBC’s Eurovision selection show, Eurovision: You Decide. When asked if The Fizz would consider being on the panel giving advice on the songs and artists, Jay replied:

The Fizz should be on the panel to pick the song, for sure.

Jay Aston

Further to this Jay also revealed that although she wouldn’t like to compete in the competition again, she would like to reappear as one of the spokespeople that reads out the points during the voting sequence.

There’s no way we would want to do it again, I wouldn’t mind reading out the points though.

Jay Aston

Road to recovery and new Christmas album

Earlier this year Jay announced the sad news that she had been diagnosed with mouth cancer. After a successful operation in the summer and defying the odds with a speedy recovery, Jay is now happily cancer free and recording new material with The Fizz. First up is The Fizz’ first ever Christmas album ‘Christmas With The Fizz’, recorded in the summer before Jay underwent surgery. Produced by Mike Stock, the album features covers of fifteen festive treats. You can listen to the new album below on Spotify:

In 2019 Fizz fans can expect another new album and perhaps the band to hit the road on tour again. An ultimate 80s night in Glasgow’s SWG3 is already on the listings for Saturday 16th February 2019. Tickets can be purchased here.

Jay Aston in the Eurovision Song Contest

Back in 1981, Jay Aston alongside the other founding members of Bucks Fizz travelled across the Irish Sea to Dublin with their lively pop anthem ‘Making Your Mind Up’. To which Europe certainly did, as they took home victory for the United Kingdom with 136 points. At the time this was the UK’s fourth victory amidst a dominant era of consistent results. After Eurovision Bucks Fizz continued on the same path, with their own chart success throughout the 80s with numerous top 40 hits and albums. Including the self-titled ‘Bucks Fizz’ and ‘Are You Ready’ which were both certified Gold. Unfortunately in later years, line-up changes and a naming dispute led to a rift with original member Bobby G who holds the rights to the Bucks Fizz name. Today the remaining members Jay Aston, Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan have reformed under The Fizz.

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Lisa Bird

My first Eurovision memory was watching 1994 as a hatchling. I've been tapping my talons to the bops and bangers from Europe and beyond ever since! I finally spread my wings to attending the contest in Lisbon 2018 and am now a regular at many events and national finals - especially my regular nest at Eesti Laul.

Comments on Jay Aston says UK will never win Eurovision again

  • Paula

    If you ask me, both UK and Spain need to stop whining at the Eastern successes of these two last decades and really pull a gear on their entries. UK, and Spain, can win, if Portugal did and Cyprus almost do, they can do it too. What they need is do what Italy, France and Germany last year have been doing- select really good songs with really good performers. That’s it, at the end, good entries get good results, whatever they belong to a voting block or not.

  • Ellie

    No offense Jay, but the real reason is the UK just doesn’t give a flying fuck any more and would rather sit on their arse whining about everyone else cheating than actually putting effort into finding a memorable act, writing a good song and putting together a strong performance. For us to win again we’d need to revamp the entire attitude in this country, and by this point I don’t think that’s bloody possible

  • paul

    do these people actually beleive what they are saying,or do they think everyone is stupid? shes right in one thing the UK may never win again if the standard of the songs dont change,I wonder what entrants she considers good that finished in the bottom 5? just because she won eurovision almost 40 years ago and not by a very big margin either it hardly makes her judge and jury expert on todays contest. The uk are dated and way behind the rest of europe now at eurovision and unless they up the game and take part with the europeans as equals not colonial rascists they may have a chance. the very fact that people threaten cheryl cole when uk comes last every year,what a laugh that would be perhaps another 0 points shows how out of touch with eurovision the uk really are. so dream on jay and bury your head in the sand. one good thing in this article great to hear shes doing well

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