Czech Republic’s Jakub Ondra reveals potential Eurovision contender “Space Sushi”

We are just a few weeks away from the reveal of the six contenders for the 2019 edition of ESCZ, the Czech Republic’s Eurovision selection process. Now, Jakub Ondra, a constantly rumoured name during the off-season, has unveiled his “Eurovision contender”, Space Sushi!

“Aiming for Eurovision glory”

As revealed by Czech media outlet, Jakub Ondra is aiming for Eurovision glory with his newly-released single Space Sushi. The outlet explains:

With [Space Sushi], [Ondra] will also try to win the Eurovision national selection and follow Mikolas Josef who, as the Czech representative of the [2018] Eurovision Song Contest, has reached the highest ranking ever, finishing sixth.

You can watch the official music video for “Space Sushi” by clicking here!

Or, listen to the track below:

A new sound for Jakub

Space Sushi is a new sound for Jakub, who is most known for his guitar-led tracks. This single will “see him dance” with its electronic dance sounds. Talking about the meaning of the song, Jakub explains there’s a message of motivation and perseverance (translated from Czech):

Space Sushi is an incentive for all lazy people to get things done. Space Sushi is a metaphor. For each of us, something else is hidden underneath what we’re doing. For an actor, it’s winning an Oscar. For a father, it’s a house for his family. It is, in fact, a dream to get work done. 

Final line-up revealed on January 7

We’ll find out whether Jakub is amongst the final six ESCZ contenders on January 7th. On this date, ฤŒT will hold a press conference to reveal the participants of ESCZ 2019!

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