Amaia releases debut single “Un Nuevo Lugar”

The Queen of Spain has arrived! OT 2017 winner and one half of Spain’s Eurovision 2018 representative Amaia Romero has recently released her single titled “Un Nuevo Lugar” (A New Place) and unsurprisingly, it has already made an impact in the Spanish charts.

A stunning debut

Un Nuevo Lugar” has been released as a taster of her debut album, which is still a work in progress according to a recent interview. It was written by herself and Raül Refree. Barcelona-born Raül was also responsible for the production of Luísa Sobral’s album Rosa, which was released last month. While the song is less than 2 minutes long, it is considered to be an prelude or perhaps an introduction to her album. Nonetheless, we can all agree that it is effortlessly beautiful and a sign of great things to come in Amaia’s bright future. 

You can listen to “Un Nuevo Lugar” here:

As stated, Amaia’s first single has received positive reviews from the Spanish public. So much that it has already topped the iTunes charts!

Moreover, “Un Nuevo Lugar” has been released just in time for tomorrow’s final of OT 2018. Amaia will be returning to the OT stage to perform her long-awaited debut.

Amaia in Eurovision 2018

Amaia, alongside Alfred García, was selected to represent Spain with their song “Tu Canción“. As Spain is part of the Big 5, they automatically qualified for the Grand Final. On the night, they finished 23rd with a total of 61 points.

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