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Courtney Act among artist to join Eurovision: Australia Decides

In a video, three new names for Eurovision: Australia Decides have been revealed. Joining the first four names SBS mentioned a while ago, we now know Courtney Act, Leea Nanos and Aydan will also be competing for the Australian ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Seven acts in now

With these three new names, we now have seven in total. The first names SBS revealed were Sheppard, Kate Miller-Heidke, Electric Fields and Mark Vincent. Joining them now are three more interesting hopefuls.

First up, the biggest name of the three is Courtney Act. This 36 year old drag act rose to fame in 2003 when competing in Australian Idol in 2003. She later appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she came second. This year, she won Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom, establishing her name there as well.

Both Leea Nanos and Aydan Calafiore are young talents. Leea is a sixteen year old, who’s being making name in the music industry by releasing songs on streaming platforms as well as YouTube. 18 year old Aydan Calafiore competed in The Voice of Australia. He there finished in fourth place.

Lining up nicely

The video ends with the message that more acts will follow soon. That obviously means that seven isn’t the final number and SBS are preparing more surprises for us in the coming weeks.

Make sure you stay tuned to to find out the latest about Australia’s first ever Eurovision Song Contest national final!

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