Our #ESC250 votes – Part 4: Tim, Simon, Costa

#2 – My Star – Brainstorm (Latvia 2000)

This hasn’t dated so well, but it is three minutes of musical happiness and songsmithery.

#1 – Mor Ve Otesi – Deli (Turkey 2008)

Deli’s style and delivery makes it a safe bet to be in my top ten. But I think what clinches the top spot is the rhthym of it – especially the drumming in the bridge and at the end. It’s a showy and vibrant song that needs to show or vibrant staging to bring it to life – the music and its performance have everything that’s needed.

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Tim Jumawan

I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.

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