Our #ESC250 votes – Part 4: Tim, Simon, Costa

Costa: Sailing through my story, sharing my history

Like every devoted Eurovision writer, I could list about one hundred entries (at least) and write endless paragraphs of praise to accompany each one. As just getting my friends to arrive punctually to my Eurovision party is difficult enough, let alone get them to engage in a full-on Eurovision-related discussion, I relish in each and every opportunity to stan my favourite entries. Comprising this list was actually easier than I expected it to be; I simply chose a selection of my favourites that captured the essence of their respective countries. I view Eurovision as a platform to showcase the music and cultures of Europe in an increasingly Americanised and homogenised world, which I believe my list displays. 

#10 –  Kaliopi – Crno i belo  (FYR Macedonia 2012)

To my surprise, I found my #10 more difficult to choose than my #1. Ultimately, I settled on Crno i belo for three main reasons: I adore Kaliopi, the performance is confident and oozes charisma and talent without any frills or effects, and this entry showcases the full potential of FYR Macedonia on the Eurovision stage, a country that is often overlooked and underestimated. This entry gives me hope that all of  the elements could come together for FYR Macedonia once again. Oh, and that whistle note was a moment. 

#9 – Aliona Moon – O Mie (Moldova 2013)

When fans hear ‘Moldova’, I’m sure the vast majority instantly think of Sunstroke Project (or, rather, ‘Epic Sax Guy’). A lot of people believe that Moldova have found their niche at the contest and should remain in the realm of fun, quirky party songs. For me, however, O Mie is the quintessential Moldovan entry. The staging may perhaps be a little too hectic, but this song mastered the art of the slow build better than any other. I would gladly place this alonside Quédate Conmigo in the rankings of best native-language power ballads at this contest this decade.

#8 – Kristina – Horehronie (Slovakia 2010)

Now, it wouldn’t be a proper Eurovision ranking if I didn’t show a little love to one of the many ‘robbed’ entries that have fallen before the grand final. While many made notable mistakes on the night (staging, vocals, etc.), Horehronie is an exception. I may be a little too young to remember where exactly stood prior to the semis, but I know that this song and performance were objectively stronger than many of what surrounded it that year. This performance has aged like fine wine; her vocals are no different from the studio cut, the staging was unique and dynamic, the song was memorable and, again, 2010 wasn’t a particularly compeitive year. Kristina (nor Slovakia) may never quite get the justice they deserve, but I hope a spot in my top 10 (and over 17 million views) will be just fine.

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Tim Jumawan

I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.

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