An Xtra Happy Birthday; Week 51

December 20th

Today we celebrate four artist that have given us seven Eurovision songs. And furthermore most of them have done rather well at the song contest. One of them even won! And also secured a 2nd place! We also have a bit of a drummer theme going on, since both of today’s birthday boys played the drums in their band.

Gigliola Cinquetti, 71

Gigliola won the 1964 Sanremo Festival with her song “Non ho l’età”, thereby earning the right to represent Italy at Eurovision in Copenhagen. There the 16 year old secured Italy’s first victory! Gigliola returned to Eurovision ten years later, in Brighton. Her second song was called “Si”, and again she did really well. She finished in 2nd place, only beaten by Sweden’s ABBA with “Waterloo”. 

Anna Vissi, 61

Anna really has impressive connection with Eurovision. That is she has taken part at Eurovision three times, first in 1980 and the last time in 2006. Those two times she took part on behalf of Greece. In 1980 she sang “Autostop” along with The Epikouri. Which placed 13th at the contest. In 2006 however she sang “Everything” and got better results, 9th place in Athens. The third time she took part, in 1982,  for Cyprus with the song “
Mono i agapi“.  Which was Cyprus second entry, and place 5th. Which is in the top 4 placements for Cyprus at Eurovision.

Øystein Andersen, 53

Also know as Sporty, Åge Sten is the drummer of the glam rock band Wig Wam. They took part at Eurovision in 2005, which was held in Kyiv. There they sang the song “In My Dreams”, which was quite popular within the Nordic part of Eurovision and getting a few 12 points from their neighbors. At the end of the contest they finished in 9th place.

Kerem Kabadayi, 41

Turkey picked the band Mor ve Ötesi 2008 to go on their behalf to Eurovision. Kermen is a writer and the drummer of the band. They did fairly well with the song “Deli” . That is placed 12th at the competition in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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