Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 50

Somewhat delayed, but here it is; your weekly collection of “not so breaking” news from all corners of the Euroverse! Christmas and baby bumps are all around! 

When you (that would be me, btw) are a teacher, the weeks leading up to Christmas are pretty busy, what with grades, reports and all kinds of evaluations that need to be completed before the holiday. And especially when you (again; I) decide to take the final three days off to head to Iceland… Not an excuse, but a bit of an explanation as to why you had to wait until today for your weekly dose of tidbits from across the Euroverse. 

Christmas on the children’s ward!

Not everybody will go home for Christmas. This is true for many of the children in Astrid Lindgren Children’s hospital in Solna, Sweden. Kristin Kaspersen, daughter of Lill-Babs (who represented Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest in 1961) recently organized a Christmas consert for the children. She was joined by a host of great singers, several of whom have participated in Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. How many familiar faces can you find in this photo? 


Slavko is a prima ballerina! 

Not only is he a talented singer, a disco king and an amazingly nice guy; Slavko Kalezic is now also a prima ballerina! Having done no ballet before, in just a few months he managed to do *this*! 

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