Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 50

Tamara’s baby bump! 

Tamara Milanova (aka Tako Gachechiladze) is sporting an absolutely gorgeous baby bump these days! And in the general Christmas spirit that is in the air at the moment, she decided to wrap it in red. #toobeautiful (I actually have no idea whether she wore red because of Christmas, but I like the idea!) 


The longest pregnancy ever?

As with Barei, I have brought you a couple of updates on Stafanía’s baby bump too. I wasn’t gonna mention it again, until there was a baby to show for it, but her latest Instagram just had me in fits! I really hope she doesn’t have to wait much longer! 


That’s it for now! For more Christmas joy, music, babies (hopefully) and other cute/fun/interesting/random tidbits; join us again on Sunday! Oh; and don’t forget to join in this year’s Prediction game and vote in the escXtra Awards!

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