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RAI reveal first names for Festival di Sanremo 2019 – including Il Volo

The first half of the participants in Festival di Sanremo 2019 have been revealed. During the youth competition, Sanremo Giovani, RAI announced the first batch of the entering names.

The participants: Big names in Italy

Below you can find the list of the first acts taking part in Sanremo 2019. Like with Unser Lied für Israel, Melodifestivalen, Eesti Laul and Destination Eurovision, we will provide you with a more detailed guide soon!

  • Paola Turci – L’ultimo ostacolo
  • Simone Cristicchi – Abbi cura di me
  • Zen Circus – L’amore è una dittatura
  • Anna Tatangelo – Le nostre anime di notte
  • Loredana Bertè – Cosa ti aspetti di me
  • Irama – La ragazza con il cuore
  • Ultimo – I tuoi particolari
  • Motta – Dov’è Italia
  • Nek – Mi farò trovare pronto
  • Il Volo – Musica che resta
  • Ghemon – Rose Viola
  • Einar

The names so far are pretty noteworthy. The most known of all to us are 2015 Eurovision entrants Il Volo. The opera trio will make a comeback after coming third in Vienna with “Grande Amore”. Paola Turci is gearing up for her eleventh participation, having made her debut in 1986. Back in 2017, she finished in fifth. Loredana Bertè is a legend in her own right in Italy. Like Turci, it’ll be her eleventh participation. Now aged 69, she’ll be hoping to take away her first prize in the competition.

Qualifying from Sanremo Giovani tonight is Einar. He will, logically, make his first Sanremo appearance. The last remarkable name on today’s list is Nek. The 46 year old has participated three times before, with “Fatti Avanti Amore” finishing as runner-up in 2015, only to be beaten by Il Volo. He had a minor international hit with his 1997 Sanremo entry, “Laura Non C’È”.

Claudio Baglioni at the helm

For the second time, Claudio Baglioni has taken charge of Sarenmo. Last year, he took over from Carlo Conti. With Baglioni, Sanremo has changed. The long lasting Italian festival of music has reinvented itself. Instead of having a separate category for aspiring musicians, they now created Sanremo Giovani. In there, 24 artists will fight for two extra places in the big Sanremo festival.

Next year will see the 69th edition of Sanremo, with the first contest having taken place in 1951. Last year’s winners were Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro. The duo went on to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, where they finished fifth with “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”. RAI have announced that the winner of Sanremo will once again have first refusal of the Eurovision ticket. The 2019 Festival di Sanremo will take place from 5th to 9th February in the traditional Teatro Ariston in Sanremo.

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