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Satirical ‘far right’ for Eurovision? Hyäne Fischer aiming to represent Austria

Sometimes an act manages to cause a hype before even being selected for the Eurovision Song Contest. The same is now happening in Austria, where a completely unknown act under the name of Hyäne Fischer is causing a social media storm. The most interesting bit? She wants to go to Tel Aviv.

Who or what is Hyäne Fischer?

First of all, Hyäne Fischer is not Helene Fischer. In fact, Hyäne Fischer tries to be everything Helene Fischer is not: controversial. The video for their potential Eurovision entry has caused quite a bit of discussion in Austrian. But who actually is behind Hyäne Fischer?

According to several sources, Hyäne Fischer is a project by a left-wing feminist movement in Austria, called Burschenschaft Hysteria. The leading lady of the movement, author Stefanie Sargnagel, is possibly behind the song “Im Rausch der Zeit”. Speculation exists that protest singer Gustav is the voice behind the song.

Since its release on YouTube, the song has received a lot of media attention. It currently stands at over 180,000 views. The comments show exactly why the group have managed to release a controversial tune.

Why the controversy?

The video of “Im Rausch der Zeit” is the biggest part of the controversy. In the video, we see a throwback to the 1930s. Looking like Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Braun, with dances like the Bund Deutscher Mädels, the video is reminding Austria of dark times. Add to that that the creators have decided to stage the video in a location reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s beloved Obersalzberg and you know what they’re aiming at with the video.

The question that remains is whether Hyäne Fischer actually support these far right, perhaps even nazist ideas. The clear answer to that should be ‘no’. Not only is the link to Burschenschaft Hysteria a clear sign for that, it also requires a bit of research and thought at the lyrics of “Im Rausch der Zeit”.

The song needs to be seen as a warning for the effects of a far right government and far right politicians. Austria itself is currently being governed by a party often classified as right wing, namely the FPÖ, with chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Part of the lyrics is a clear warning not to fall back into the thoughts and ideas of the 1930s, referring to older times as an ‘old song’.

Can you see the haze standing in the mountains? Can you feel the storm? It will pass. Can you hear the wind? It’s singing an old song.

Hyäne Fischer – “Im Rausch der Zeit”

Catching the eye of the selection committee

Hyäne Fischer has managed to catch the eye of the ORF selection committee for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Radio DJ Eberhard Forcher has been tasked with finding Austria’s next act for the contest in Tel Aviv and he recently released a video discussing the song.

In his short discussion videos, called Austrozone, Forcher describes “Im Rausch der Zeit” as a mix between the Pet Shop Boys and schlager legend Marianne Rosenberg. now believe that Hyäne Fischer is actually on the list of shortlisted acts at ORF. He does however see some questions that need to be answered when it comes to this act. The most prominent one: Will the deeper layer, the layer of satire and criticism, be clear enough when it gets to the stage? Commentators are suggesting that, in German speaking countries, the name of the act itself will already answer that question before the first note is being sung.

What do you think? Will ORF decide to send this satire of the far right past to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv? And how would you feel about it? Listen to the song below and let us know!

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Comments on Satirical ‘far right’ for Eurovision? Hyäne Fischer aiming to represent Austria

  • Tristan

    In fact, Hyäne Fischer’s real name is Jessyca R. Hauser and she’s a multimedia artist. I don’t see her representing Austria in Tel Aviv. When her application reached the ORF in December, the internal selection was already in full swing!

  • Bernd

    I love the song!!
    Please select her!!

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