Our #ESC250 votes – Part 5: Tom R, Matt & Sean

Merry Christmas to all readers! Today, we bring you the fifth part of our #ESC250 series. We’ve already had four parts to this amazing series with some amazing songs and now, it’s time to see how Tom R, Matt and Sean voted for this year.

Have a read through and see if we’ve voted for any of your favourites!

Tom R: A list of songs nearly all older than me!

Being the youngest editor at ESCXTRA only being born in 2004, you’d expect my list to be full of songs from the more recent contests, however in fact over half the songs in my top 10 were actually from before I was born! Get ready for Russians in ponchos, conductors becoming backing singers and dancing Danes as we take a look at my ESC250 votes…

#10: Youddiph – Vechni stranik (Russia 1994)

Being the first ever Russian entrant in Eurovision, Youddiph didn’t have an easy job but she came out on the night and delivered a fantastic performance of “Vechni stranik” in Dublin. There’s no doubt that Youddiph would have won the Barbara Dex Award if it was around in 1994, though the poncho-ography was a work of magic! This Russian classic still remains as my favourite Russian entry to date and with a voice like Youddiph, it’s not really a surprise.

#9: Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Goodbye to Yesterday (Estonia 2015)

I didn’t want to you wake you up… a line that, for some reason, I still remember well from the contest in Vienna. I remember that 2015 was the first year I actually voted in Eurovision. It was Israel’s Nadav Guedj I voted for that night, and despite two entries from 2015 appearing on this list. Israel isn’t one of them. But Estonia is and for me, it is still such an amazing song. I love how Elina & Stig’s voice really compliment each other and I think that’s why this song is still a strong favourite for me.

#8: Tommy Seebach & Debbie Cameron – Krøller eller ej (Denmark 1981)

Despite being the oldest song on my list, it’s definitely not the song with the least energy. With Tommy on piano and Debbie dancing and singing around stage like there was no tomorrow, this song is for sure packed with energy from start to finish. I always seem to forget about this song every so often but when I rediscover it, I am always thankful for finding it again as the song is just magical and action-packed. A great entry, it deserved much higher than 11th place!

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Tom Ryan

I'm the youngest member of the team here at ESCXTRA but that doesn't mean I know the least about the contest. You'll usually find me enjoying a Eurovision classic, while discovering new facts about Eurovision history. When I'm not doing that, I'll be somewhere on a dancefloor... still thinking about music!
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