RESULTS: Who is leading after round 1 of Eurovision Prediction 2019?

Over the past couple of weeks, a record-breaking 184 of you took part in round 1 of Eurovision Prediction 2019! This time, it was your task to predict who you thought would win the Albanian national final. This evening, Jonida Maliqi won Këngës 57 and therefore the Albanian ticket to Tel Aviv!

Calculating your points!

As we revealed prior to this evening’s final, the most popular answer amongst our players in this round was Jonida Maliqi. Therefore, her victory will delight the majority of our players! The second most popular choice, Soni Malaj, placed in fifth.

As stated in the rules, when full rankings of the participating entries are revealed during the live broadcast, we use the full extent of our scoring system. Therefore, predicting the winning entry earns you 14 points as there were 14 finalists. Predicting the runner-up earns you 13 points and so on. Unfortunately, if you chose an artist that failed to qualify from the semi-finals, then it is nil points for you this time.

Here is the scoreboard!

So what does this mean for the scoreboard? Well, with the majority of our players opting for the correct answer, we have 84 players tied for the top spot! A special mention to Justin K, Stevan P, and U whose prediction of Lidia Lufi almost secured them what would be considered a surprise victory.

So, see where you stand and have a look at the scoreboard below in all of its glory!

If you are using a mobile device, the spreadsheet below may not render properly. Therefore, please use this direct link to the Google Spreadsheet!

Stay tuned for round 2!

Thank you to everyone who took part in round one. Stay tuned for round 2, which we expect to take place once the entries in the Czech Republic are revealed in early January!

If you are new to Eurovision Prediction, find out all about it below.

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