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Ukrainian rock band MNISHEK release “Туман” for Vidbir 2019

With FiKmas over, we start to draw our attention to…well, Christmas. But not for MNISHEK! The band recently revealed their entry for next year’s Vidbir. Could we see them at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv?

Fog, lots of it

“Туман”, transliterated to “Tuman” and known as “Fog” in English, is the title of MNISHEK’s entry for Ukraine’s national selection. The song is in Ukrainian and depicts the reality of humans in modern day life.

As if we are surrounded by delusion, a fog. However, despite the feature of modern world, not to lose ourselves, we must learn the right time to return to zero point. To realise who we are and what we do is important and necessary

MNISHEK on their entry “Туман”

Listen to MNISHEK’s song here:

Who are MNISHEK?

MNISHEK is a six-piece Ukrainian rock band based in Kiev that formed in 2016. Lead by vocalist Anna Mishchenko, their genre is a mixture of ethno and industrial rock. The band describe their style via their Facebook page as “a unique combination of folklore melodiousness and powerful rock energy”.

With less than a thousand subscribers on their official YouTube channel, MNISHEK are definitely ones to watch in the Ukrainian music scene!

Ukraine in Eurovision

Ukraine debuted in 2003 and have made it to the final every year that they have participated. They have won twice thanks to Ruslana in 2004 and Jamala in 2016. In addition, they have achieved many top ten placements throughout the years. Most recently, Mélovin represented Ukraine in Portugal this year with his song “Under the Ladder”. He finished 17th in with 130 points.

What do you think of MNISHEK’s entry? Would you like to see them at Eurovision 2019? Let us know in the comments or via our social media pages @ESCXTRA!

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