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Within Temptation on Eurovision: “Perhaps we should consider it?”

Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation have spoken about the possibility of them going to the Eurovision Song Contest. After being interviewed for RTL Boulevard, the band finally mentioned the contest…

Ronald Molendijk: Do it!

Entertainment show RTL Boulevard interviewed band members Sharon den Adel and guitar player Ruud Jolie about their comeback tour. After a break of a few years, there’s a new album and a new European tour, for which many tickets were sold soon after its release.

After the interview, DJ and music producer Ronald Molendijk urged Within Temptation to take the step and go to the Eurovision Song Contest. He thinks they’d be fantastic representatives for The Netherlands, but it would also increase their profile in The Netherlands. The symphonic metal genre has not received the air play it deserves, he added. The others in the studio responded positively to Molendijk’s suggestion, although Eurovision reporter Aron Bade said it would all depend on the song.

Within Temptation at Eurovision?

When sharing the interview on Facebook, Within Temptation responded to the Eurovision suggestion from Molendijk. In a short comment, they suggested that they might be open to consider the Eurovision Song Contest as a possibility for next year.

Within Temptation are currently on a world tour for their latest album, Resist. There seems to be a convenient gap after March, with their last scheduled show taking place in Los Angeles, California on 19th March. The show they’re doing after that is the Greenfields Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland on 15th June. That’s a convenient gap to fit the Eurovision Song Contest in, isn’t it?

It’s not the first time Within Temptation are rumoured for the contest. Just last year, singer Sharon den Adel was the main rumour for Lisbon. Media then suggested talks were progressing between broadcaster Avrotros and the singer herself. Perhaps this year, together with the band, she’s definitely the one?

Growing unrest

Recently, we reported on the growing unrest in The Netherlands regarding next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Press suggested the act should normally be known around October, so to wait until the new year is something quite unusual for them.

Perhaps it’s the late potential interest from Within Temptation that’s causing Avrotros new problems to think about. Would they really be up for a trip to Tel Aviv?

Would you like to see Within Temptation representing The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv? Let us know!

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Comments on Within Temptation on Eurovision: “Perhaps we should consider it?”

  • robbert-rotterdam

    We need the best song with a good artist. I guess the song has been chosen already and this song needs the best possible artist in its genre. Unknown is neither if AVROTROS has already signed a contract with somebody, nor if WT would be the artists most fit for the chosen song. If they want let them apply for 2020. They’ll have a year to apply and prepare. On top of that people get artist-centred again, while it was clearly annonced AVROTROS would work song-centred. Let’s think about the kind of song/production we want.

  • xImmortalMindsx

    I only saw the title of this article, and this would be awesome. Of course not everyone would like it (music genre), but, they NEEEED to hear her voice. Epic!! Take care 🙂

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