ESCXTRA Awards: The winners of the Best Internally Selected Song Award are CyBC and Eleni Foureira!

It’s Christmas Day and that’s a day where you give out presents! That also goes for us as we’ll reveal who has been voted as the winner of the Best Internally Selected Song Award is…

Star selection as road to success

Cyprus started last year by announcing a national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The song would be composed by Alex Papaconstantinou, but the act would come from a televised show. Christer Björkman was in Cyprus to help CyBC select their options.

However, as soon as “Fuego” materialised, CyBC knew they had to pick a star to sing it. After negotiations with several artists, the Cypriot broadcaster decided to select one of the biggest pop stars in the Greek language music scene: Eleni Foureira.

Going into the rehearsals, Cyprus were seen as a borderline qualifier, with winning odds of 80/1. That soon changed when the first rehearsals happened and the press centre pretty much exploded from excitement. Cyprus displayed a great amount of hair flips, a choreography, visuals and a fantastic show.

When Saturday’s show started, Cyprus had managed to become the absolute favourite for Eurovision victory. Up until that night in May, the island never achieved more than a fifth place at the Eurovision Song Contest. She couldn’t quite catch the victory, but Eleni Foureira still managed to earn Cyprus their best ever result in the contest: runner-up.

KAN’s Netta only just on the podium

Cyprus’ CyBC easily won the Best Internally Selected Song Award with 39.3% of the votes. Behind them, Bulgaria finished in second. BNT’s new approach of involving fans in their selection resulted in EQUINOX going to Eurovision with “Bones”, giving Bulgaria their third consecutive qualification. The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Israel, only just makes it onto the podium here. KAN chose their artist through a televised format, but the song followed through an internal selection. And the rest is history for Netta and “Toy”…

You can see the full results soon on the Awards site here!

CyBC on the winners’ list

CyBC, with Eleni Foureira and “Fuego”, become the fourth winners of an ESCXTRA Award. Below you can see the other winners of this year’s awards:

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    LOL! How can a runner-up beat the winner??? It is clear that the winner was the best choice!

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