Our #ESC250 votes – Part 6: Lisa, Nathan P & Tom O

#3: Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime (Bulgaria 2016)

How could I not have Bulgaria in this list? One of my favourite Eurovision nations (RIP). Lock me up and throw away away the key, what an anthem this song was and still is! My winner of 2016 if I had it my way. The grand return of Bulgaria, that saw them have a run of success and Poli getting her justice for being robbed in 2011. My only regret was not putting an each-way bet on. I was one of a rare few that had hopes this would do better than most people thought and I was proven right.

#2: Eleni Foureira – Fuego (Cyprus 2018)

If I had suffered third degree burns from the pyros in the Golden Circle in Lisbon, I would have thanked Eleni for it. As a long time Eleni fan, I was shook to experience this live and was convinced we were heading to Nicosia or Limassol in 2019. So much so, that backing Eleni at 100-1 each-way early on, paid off a bit of the Lisbon trip! Alas the victory wasn’t to be, but this is easily the greatest runner-up of all time and the fuego energy of that breakdown section and those hair flicks will stay with me forever.

#1: Ruslana – Wild Dances (Ukraine 2004)

Shock twist. A song with rock elements is my favourite of all time! “Just maybe, I’m crazy”, is arguably the best opening lyric in Eurovision. Watching Xena: Warrior Princess growing up was probably my sexual awakening. So Ruslana channelling that wild energy with this folk banger was bound to make it my winner, and all time favourite. Also ‘Wild Dances’ and “Russian radio with Ukrainian Ruslana!” on Vladivostok FM was the only thing that got me through Grand Theft Auto IV back in the day. Ukraine are easily my favourite nation in Eurovision for constantly delivering the beats, as well as the creative staging and revamps! I could’ve easily filled my whole top 10 with their entries.

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Lisa Bird

My first Eurovision memory was watching 1994 as a hatchling. I've been tapping my talons to the bops and bangers from Europe and beyond ever since! I finally spread my wings to attending the contest in Lisbon 2018 and am now a regular at many events and national finals - especially my regular nest at Eesti Laul.

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