ESCXTRA Awards: The winner of the Best Vocal at Eurovision Award is Elina Nechayeva!

Every year, we look forward to the stunning voices and amazing voice cracks at the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a place to admire vocal talent. That is why we have an award in our ESCXTRA Awards to pick your favourite Eurovision vocal. The winner of the Best Vocal Award is…

Opera impresses

There is no doubt that Elina Nechayeva is a gifted singer. When she entered Estonia’s Eesti Laul, she soon emerged as a favourite to win the entire Eurovision Song Contest. Complete with massive dress and projections, it was her vocal talent above all that made people fall in love with her.

Elina Nechayeva’s victory at Eesti Laul was one of the least surprising moments of the season. Her vocal acrobatics however sure made an impact on many Eurovision fans. Even in Lisbon, Elina Nechayeva showed her talent more than once.

She gave a surprise performance of “Les Oiseaux Dans La Charmille” in the middle of the press centre, right in front of our very own ESCXTRA.com Team and made sure everyone knew: She could nail a performance whenever, wherever. Not a single note was dropped in her minutes on the Eurovision stage, which resulted in a seventh place.

Two horse race

Elina Nechayeva’s victory was with an impressive share of the vote with 37.35%. Runner-up was Albania’s Eugent Bushpepa. He was the only one who could remotely keep up with Estonia’s vocal powerhouse, as he scored 32.5% of the vote.

The other acts fell behind quite a bit. Elina Nechayeva and Eugent Bushpepa were the clear top two of this vote. A third place went to the Italian duo Fabrizio Moro & Ermal Meta. They scored 15.7% of the vote.

Estonian vocals in the winners’ list

Elina Nechayeva’s victory with her vocals at the Eurovision Song Contest makes her the sixth winner in this year’s ESCXTRA Awards. Check out all winners below!

See the full results here

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