ESCXTRA Awards: The winner of the Best Album Award is “From Vienna With Love” by Conchita!

We’re getting closer to the end of the year and to the end of these awards. It’s time to reveal the eighth winner of an ESCXTRA Award. Today, it’s time for the Best Album Award. And the winner is…

Conchita’s most powerful album?

Two of the albums on our nomination list consisted mainly of covers. Conchita’s and Alex C’s album. Conchita did his album with the Wiener Symphoniker. A symphonic album full of piercing vocals and wonderful instrumentation was the result of their collaboration.

Conchita released this new album in October of this year. He managed to clim to #1 in the Austrian charts with it. It includes not only classics, such as “The Sound of Music”, but also a modern classic like Conchita’s Eurovision winning song, “Rise Like a Phoenix”.

When we reviewed the album earlier this year, our final summary said exactly this:

“We often throw around the word ‘anthemic’ but with Conchita it has meaning. There is always an authentic thread running through her music. “From Vienna With Love” is a stunning continuation of growth and a strengthening of that thread. It shouldn’t be lost on people that Conchita has chosen a selection of songs that have real heart and authenticity at the core. Afterall, it’s the characteristic of Conchita that catapulted her into stardom in the first place. “

A popular award

The award for the Best Album of the year attracted many voters – more than any other category. Conchita eventually emerged as the clear winner, scoring nearly a third of the vote: 32.15%.

Saara Aalto lives up to her reputation of eternal runner-up. Her album “Wild Wild Wonderland” scored 22.9% of the votes and gave her another second place. The final podium spot is claimed by Hungary’s AWS. “Fekete Részem” had 19.6% of the votes.

See the full results here

Nearly there as Conchita claims an award

Only the Super Trooper Award and the Best NMF Single Award are still left to be revealed. Conchita now joins an impressive list of winners, which already includes Saara Aalto and Eleni Foureira.

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  • Flavia Franceschini

    This album is a masterpiece. Conchita gives here (and gave live more and more than a simple performance) the sense of word “Artist”.

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