Ari Ólafsson: “London is where I’m supposed to be right now” (Interview)

This makes me wanna go to Iceland ASAP

Last month we had the chance to have a little chat with Ari, who represented Iceland in this years contest with his entry “Our Choice”. We talked about his experience, what is going on in his life now and how he and his family celebrated Christmas. Read everything below and watch the whole interview at the end of the article.

“Meeting Will Ferrell was one of my highlights”

Looking back at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 his highlights were the night of the performance and meeting Will Ferrell. After the contest, it was announced, that a Netflix production about Europe’s favorite TV show is in the making. During the live broadcast, Ari did the Viking clap with the audience. As everybody joined him he felt proud and it was definitely one of the highlights of the show.

“London is where I’m supposed to be right now”

Ari now studies at the Royal Academy of Music. Life in the academy is a lot of work and dedication. Lots of studying and exams. Talking about his new home London, he says, that there is everything you need. He already went to different locations there and he is amazed at how international it is. As Iceland is also very expensive, it wasn’t such a big change in London now. All the people and the traffic is more of a change compared to Iceland. In London alone live around 8 million more than in Iceland.

At Christmas, Ari and his family are celebrating everything about it. Lots of Christmas decoration. Baking with the family, spending time together and charging the batteries. To sum it up, it sounds perfect!

Thank you for taking the time, Ari!

You can watch the whole interview below:

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