ESCXTRA Awards: The winner of the Super Trooper Award is Brendan Murray!

Just two more awards to go this year. We’ve already revealed eight award winners. The penultimate award we’re going to give out is that of the Super Trooper of 2018. And the winner is…

X Factor leads Brendan to glory

Back in 2017, he entered the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland. His mentor, Louis Walsh, made sure Brendan Murray had an adventure at the contest. He took part with “Dying To Try”, but couldn’t make it through to the final.

Now, in 2018, the 21 year old plumber entered X Factor in the United Kingdom. After a difficult audition, Brendan Murray ended up in Louis Tomlinson’s category. Brendan and Louis managed to get along really well. He managed to make it to the semi-final, where he ended up as #5 in the competition.

Brendan Murray now wins the ESCXTRA Super Trooper Award for an outstanding achievement in this past year. After seemingly failing to make a career out of the Eurovision Song Contest, he picked up the pieces and decided to give music another go. Entering X Factor brought Brendan the hope that his music career could come back to life.

Biggest victory of the year

Brendan Murray seems to be a popular choice among Eurovision fans. His victory is bigger than that of any other award winner this year. He wins the Super Trooper Award with 54.45% of the votes.

The runner-up in this award had less than half the votes Brendan received. SuRie finishes in a respectable second with 26.1%. The way she continued after her stage invasion, as well as her social media presence, have made the United Kingdom entrant a beloved character in the Euroivison world.

Third place in this award goes to Filomena Cautela. The Portuguese TV hosted livened up the Eurovision Song Contest with her wit in the Green Room this year. She scored 10.5% of the votes.

See the full results here

Brendan the ninth on the list

After today, there’s just one more award to give out for us. Brendan Murray is our Super Trooper of the year and wins the ninth award up for grabs this year. Check out the other winners below:

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