Tel Aviv 2019

International Artist to represent San Marino in Tel Aviv

Artist reveal in the coming weeks, entry already recorded.

San Marino RTV have this evening announced that an International name has been selected to represent them at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

San Marinese entry already recorded

The broadcaster have officially announced the news that their representative for Tel Aviv has been chosen. In addition, Head of delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni, confirms that the song which they’ll take to Israel has already been recorded.

‘We are soon to host an official press conference in San Marino in a few weeks time, when we will give further details about RTV’s participation. ‘At the moment we are working on the post production of the song and the videoclip’

RTV general: ‘I think we will have a very good entry’

Speaking of the announcement, Carlo Romeo, Director General of SMRTV, reveals that he is very confident of their chosen act. In a statement released earlier today, he describes the act as a wonderful International Artist.

This year we have worked hard on several proposals, as the Israeli edition is important to us for many reasons. Eventually we chose the best project, fully supported and approved with a wonderful International artist. Fingers crossed, but I think we will have a very good entry. Good luck to all our friends and colleagues involved in the organization of such an important TV event, a world-wide event based on a joyous combination of music and dialogue, spectacle and friendship’

With San Marino opting for an internal selection once more, does this mark the end of 1 in 360? In October, we reported how the future of the selection show was looking bleak, despite plans for a revamped version next year.

An official press conference will take place in the coming weeks, where the chosen artist will be publicly revealed.

San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

In a busy national final season earlier this year, San Marino presented one of the most fascinating concepts for its selection, 1 in 360. Gathering artists from around the world and engaging in songwriting workshops with the assistance of Zoe Straub, (Austria 2016). After securing their crowdfunding and becoming second favourites with the jury, it was Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening flying the flag for the microstate in Lisbon. Despite charming the fans with their anti-bullying message and dancing robots, Who We Are could only manage 17th place in the second semi final, thus failing to secure a place in the grand final.

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