ESCXTRA Awards: The winner of the NMF’s Best Single Award is Eleni Foureira with “Tómame”!

There is just one award left to give out. You have voted for ten categories, including the NMF’s Best Single of 2018. You had six options to vote for. And the winner is…

Second award for Eleni Foureira

With her victory in the NMF’s Best Single Award, Eleni Foureira becomes the only singer to win two awards this year. She and her broadcaster CyBC previously won the award for Best Internally Selected Song.

After her Eurovision success, Eleni Foureira decided that reggaeton flavoured releases would suit her best. After “Caramela”, she released “Tómame” in late October. The song soon shot to #1 in Greece.

Like CyBC, Eleni Foureira knows that you should never change a winning formula. So when Eleni needed a new single, she once again teamed up with Alex Papaconstantinou to write “Tómame”. Full of Spanish flavour – and Spanish phrases – Eleni Foureira established herself a steady force on the reggaeton market.

Lisbon delivers top two

Of the six nominees, three took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Two of those three made it to the top two. Eleni Foureira of course won the award, but Mikolas Josef finished in a respectable second place. Eleni’s “Tómame” had 29.56% of the votes. Czech ace Mikolas Josef and his “Me Gusta” had to settle for 24.3%.

Third place was more surprising. Anggun and her “Siapa Bilang Gak Bisa” powered through to third. The Indonesian singer, who represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, has made a comeback in the South East Asian market. Her single was chosen as the official Pantene anthem.

Winners’ list now complete

With Eleni Foureira’s “Tómame” victory, we now have our list of winners complete. Ten awards have been given out. As we mentioned before, Eleni Foureira takes home two awards.

The closest battle was the one for Best National Final Song, where there were just three votes between Saara Aalto’s “Domino” and “Lo Malo” by Aitana & Ana Guerra.

The biggest winning margin came from Brendan Murray. He managed to win the Super Trooper Award with a whopping 54.45% of the votes. Compliments must also go to Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, who won the Best Video Award with nearly half the votes.

A final mention goes out to Eurovision legend Lys Assia. As of next year, the Recognition Award will carry her name to honour the first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, who sadly passed away this year.

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